Valentine's Day

by Alexis Jester

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Often, around holidays that focus on relationships such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries. etc., it’s easy to feel pressured to go all out! However, many loved ones care less about how much you spend, and more about how much you think of them. While everyone receives love in different ways (and it doesn’t hurt to take the quick and easy 5 Love Languages assessment** to find out how) one thing is for certain, there are many ways to show love on special occasions that hit on every tier of affordability. Keep in mind that if you over spend you will enjoy it less and your special day may end with buyer’s remorse. The point is that you enjoy the day together, so be sure when planning that you don’t break the bank.  


Picnic: It gives you something fun to go do together, while maintaining intimacy. You can make it as simple or extravagant as your wallet will allow. Add anything you want, even showing off how much you know about the other person by packing their favorite snacks. Simple chocolates and finger sandwiches can suffice if you’re in the right company!


Cooking at Home: This option gets overlooked quite often because it seems easier to just buy take out; however, taking time to create something together brings you closer and leaves you with pride, satisfaction, and a new level of connection. Plus, there is no pressure of the public eye and you can be your most authentic selves together. You have free reign over what goes into your food and you won’t have to have the inner it-is-rude-to-send-it-back conversation.


Dinner Date: Let’s be honest, most people like being a little dressed up and feeling like your best self from time to time. We all work or go to school or take care of the kids, sometimes one magical night on the town together can recharge your good spirits! Whether it’s the local midnight waffle place, or a 5-star restaurant, being together making memories is the best part. Well, second to the food- of course. (Special thanks to Stab’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant for the perfect setting!)


Friendly Function: Take the pressure off the “love” narrative. Not everyone wants to plan dates, and not everyone wants to go on dates! Gather your closest friends for a Valentine’s soiree; singles, couples, family members, whoever makes you feel loved, because love doesn’t always have to be romantic.


**5 Love Languages assessment

by Dr. Gary Chapman, Online at: