Toughest Decision in Middle School

Toughest Decision in Middle School2.jpg

School is very stressful. Middle school especially, because it is where everything just starts to stir up, and guess what? I get to witness it for one more painful year. Middle school comes with the full package: work, drama, fun, friends, and mean people. At my school, all of those things are included… every single day.

I like school sometimes, but when I don't, it is because of people. I personally do not like people that catch an attitude with me, mainly because, naturally, I will catch an attitude back, causing the problem to get much bigger. I try not to be in drama, simply by just ignoring people and staying out of the loop, but sometimes it can be hard. Most kids in middle school will turn on you so quickly, and at the most unexpected times. I´ve learned not to tell secrets or spread rumors because when people do turn on you, they are going to tell everyone everything from the little things, like you telling your brother something mean, all the way to the big things, like you cheating on your boyfriend. Usually, drama is going to spotlight on one main person, even if it is about ten people, one main person is going to be the bad guy. Based on experience, you’ll need to make the decision to either stay away or stick with that “bad guy” through it all. If you stay away, you don't get dragged into it, but you also may be betraying a friend. If you stick with them, then you have to go through all of it and may lose other friends along the way. I believe, if you are a friend in the beginning, then you have to be a friend in the end too, or else it will be hard on them and you. Either way, it’s a decision we all have to make in middle school… the toughest decision. I imagine it’s a decision I will have to make throughout my life.

I know without a doubt, through all of the ups and downs of middle school, I am thankful for the friendships I have and confident that high school, and life, will only get better from here.