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Many people try to stay away from Sago Palms because they are poisonous to humans, as well as cats and dogs if ingested. Dogs especially seem to like chewing on the bitter seeds that the Sago Palms produce, so it is often advised not to have one if you have pets. However, if you plan to keep the Sago as a potted plant or in your yard with a barrier, Sagos can visually enhance your landscape or home and they are easy to grow.

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Dry the pup by dabbing it on a towel.

Dip it into Garden Safe TakeRoot and place no deeper than 1 ½ to 2 inches into the soil. We recommend Miracle-Gro Garden Soil Cactus, Palm & Citrus.)

Until they take root, water them often.

Within a few days you’ll see quick progress and within a week or two a cute plant will emerge. Although it is a hearty plant you’ll still need to cover when a freeze occurs. Beware the needles are sharp and dangerous.

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