Finding Your Home Gym

by TJ Bruner

   This is a time when a lot of us are looking for a new gym to join, and that's wonderful. Finding the perfect gym can be a challenge if you aren't exactly sure what you're looking for so I would love to offer some advice to help make this process as simple as possible for you.

    After working in gyms for the past several years, I feel confident that the number one factor that will help to determine your likelihood of success is your gym's culture.

    If possible, it can often be helpful to take time to visit a gym that you may be considering so that you can experience the gym's unique atmosphere for yourself. It can be rather difficult to do so if you're simply price shopping online or over the phone.

   Consider what you feel that you personally need from your gym in order to be successful in the pursuit of your goals. Do you feel that you need a nurturing environment in which you can feel comfortable? How about a gym with a culture of friendly competition? Or maybe one with a helpful staff that is well-educated in your specific needs? Do you like a big gym with a lot of people, or a smaller gym with a smaller and more closely knit group of members?

   Of course, price and convenience are also both worthy of consideration, and many people are probably perfectly happy with one or both of these criteria being met. However, I truly believe that for most of us, if you don't enjoy your time spent at your gym, then you simply aren't likely to use it for very long, regardless of how conveniently located or inexpensive it may be.

   So to put it simply, find a gym that makes you feel at home, whatever that may mean for you.

   Happy New Year and happy hunting!

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