Achieve Your Goals

by TJ Bruner

  The New Year is a perfect time for us to consider what we would like to achieve in the coming year. Whatever your personal goals may be, I would love to share with you my favorite process of setting and achieving goals. It involves answering four simple questions and using the answers to those questions in developing a plan of action. Let's begin, shall we?

   First, what is it that you would like to achieve? Try your best to be specific. For example, "I would like to lose ten pounds" will be more practical than "I would like to lose weight."

   Second, where are we now? It's important to choose a reliable metric to let us know if what we're doing is working or if we need to try something else. Let's say that we stick with our previous example of losing ten pounds and decide to use our body weight as a metric of progress. We can recheck it every week or so to see if whatever we have been doing over the course of the previous week has moved us closer to our goal. If so, awesome! Let's keep doing it. If not, let's re-evaluate our approach and see if what we can do to have a better assessment next time.

   Third, what needs to change in order for us to reach our goals? This is where our game plan comes together. Carefully consider what our biggest obstacles are likely to be and how we can keep them from working against us. In our weight loss, as an example, let's say that we have a family member that is reluctant to adopt the nutritional habits that will be necessary to reach our goals. The most practical course of action may be to find a group of supportive people with goals similar to ours that can provide the support that we may not be receiving at home.

   Finally, what will it mean for you if you achieve this goal? Really put some thought into this step because if your motive for pursuing your goals is clearly defined, you can move mountains. If it isn't, you will be much more likely to fall back into previously existing habits when the glitter of your resolution begins to fade.

    So to recap!

    1. What would we like to achieve?

    2. Where are we now?

    3. What needs to change?

    4. What will what will it mean to me to achieve this goal?

   If we can apply these principles towards our goals, I know that we can be successful in whatever it is that we decide to accomplish this year.

   Please let us know how you do and best of luck!