How to Survive the Louisiana Heat

by Alana Voorhies

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It’s official. It’s getting hot and humid here in Louisiana and if you’re anything like me, you are less than excited to hang up your favorite leather jacket.  But just because its getting hot, doesn’t mean we have to forfeit chic for comfort!  We have crawfish boils, barbeques, engagement parties and tailgates to attend and we want to look our best, while keeping our cool.  This is why choosing the right fabric is so important.  Linen, chambray and cotton are our best friends in these warmer months and are super easy to work into our wardrobe.


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Linen is magical.  This material quickly absorbs and releases your sweat, keeping you cool while keeping sweat stains away.



Chambray is denim’s lightweight cousin.  It is perfect for those of us who want to wear denim all year long but can’t stand it in the heat.



We probably all know by now that cotton is the queen of all fabrics.  It is easy to care for, versatile and notably breathable from day to night.


 Pro Tip #1:

Throw on a sheer, lightweight kimono for some added color and texture!


Pro Tip #2:

Accessorize with a fun handbag or hat to spruce up your ultra comfy spring or summer outfit!