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Nowadays, it’s no secret that buying clothes from thrift shops can be cheap AND trendy (thank you, Macklemore), but did you know that by thrifting clothes you are also doing a small part in helping the environment? The average American throws away about seventy pounds of post-consumer textile waste just by themselves. 85% of those clothes (about 21 BILLION pounds) are not recycled, donated, or reused; just taking up more and more space in our landfills, more than 5.2%*.

I know statistics like this can be boring and sometimes disheartening… So, we did a little experiment to see just how practical it could be to thrift and upcycle clothes and still be up-to-date with modern fashion trends. We looked into spring and summer trends according to Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle finding the “it” looks for 2018. With a budget of a little under $100, we were able to dress five women in four outfits each.