Swamp Tours


Have you ever wanted to spend the day outdoors enjoying a boat ride, photographing the beautiful cypress trees, bird watching or even seeing an alligator up close and personal?  If so, a Louisiana swamp tour is just the right thing for you! 

Louisiana swamps create unique habits that have become home to many wildlife and plant species, such as the beautiful cypress tree. This particular tree loves to grow in this type of environment due its swampy shallow waters. A few common residents you will find along your swamp tour could be alligators, turtles, egrets, owls, pelicans and bullfrogs. As you glide across the waters, remember that you are their visitors, and you should always be alert and careful when exploring the swamps.

Louisiana swamp tours are growing in popularity because of the comfortability and safety that many of the tour companies vow to provide, while you enjoy the swamp-life. Guides are constantly on the lookout for any danger or potentially harmful wildlife, while simultaneously providing an educated and fun bayou experience.

 Many popular places to find swamp tours are located in and around the southern cities of Louisiana, such as Henderson or New Orleans. Some of the most popular tours are located on Lake Martin in St. Martin Parish, where numerous options for swamp tours are offered.

 Most swamp tours range from about one and half to two hours long, and the cost is approximately $20.00-$40.00 per adult. You have the option to join a group of about 10 people on a boat or to take a private boat tour. Many of the local tour companies also offer a kayaking tours, private photography, or even night time packages.

 These perfect Autumn temperatures are a great time for you to experience a Louisiana swamp tour. So, hurry up and book your tour today!