Runway Makeup

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Typically, runway fashions don’t make it into everyone’s daily wear, mainly due to cost. However, runway fashions do influence style from season to season and give us all a base on which to build our wardrobes and stay in style. Same goes for editorial and runway makeup.

While “runway” makeup is often ostentatious, sometimes make-up artists hit a chord with people and those styles can be tweaked from runway to everyday.  Taking the visually bold and crossing it over into your regular routine can take any look to the next level. I think as makeup and fashion progress in newer and bolder ways, we should too. This fall season, be daring!

 If you stop to think, “Can I pull that off?”  I’m here to say:

YES SIS. You can. Let that inner MUA out.

We are seeing more and more graphic art being incorporated into makeup trends; don’t be afraid to use colors and lines to your advantage! Just a simple pop of color or pattern can bring out that high-fashion feel.

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We aren’t just dewy this season, we are getting glossy. Add e.l.f Jelly Pop face & eye gloss to any look to get that mesmerizing wet finish.

Typically, in Autumn we expect to see the warm yellows and burgundies, and if we’d see green it was sage or army green. This year, we are incorporating Emerald green, neon green, Kelly green, you name it.

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Add a touch of sultry drama to your simple, classic look by adding a bolder rouge to your routine. Don’t be afraid to be heavy handed on your blush!

Monochrome is a big one this year. There is something so satisfying and aesthetic about color coordinating. Be watching for color trends and build off of that! Terracotta is a big one this year, as well as reds and plums.

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Highlighters, shimmer, and metallics are all your friend this season.

Get inspired by past makeup trends! Go back a few generations and look at what your favorite historical icons were wearing. Twiggy, Josephine Baker, Cher, countless others! Go get inspired.